Saturday, November 5, 2011

Days 3 & 4: "Art Every Day Month" - Rescuing a painting gone wrong

It's no secret that I love cooking. But sometimes with cooking, it goes a bit wrong and you have to turn it into something else. It's the same with art.

The other day, inspired by the beautiful light falling on the bright yellow autumn leaves of the tree in the courtyard that our balcony faces, I thought "I know, I'll paint that!". I think I was some what over-optimistic of my abilities, as although I liked how it started out, I wasn't pleased with the end result. So rather than waste the work, I thought I would instead turn it into this collage piece.

I painstakingly cut out the tree and all it's beautiful branches and trees and set it against a dark grey background. 

I also liked the way the cut out tree looked from the reverse, it's white simplicity against a bright pink background.

So now I have two works for the price of one. Sweet! I also have some other ideas about creating a collage background of the apartment blocks using newspaper. So we'll see if that comes to anything...

And for the curious, this was the original version that I wasn't so keen on.


  1. That is lovely! You must have a lot of patience to cut out all those leaves. I like the cut-out both ways's quite effective on the magenta background.

  2. Wow wow wow, what beautiful cut outs! Looking forward to seeing what comes from the newspaper collage idea, too... art on for AEDM :) Miracles, k-

  3. Really well done! I think you should do cut-outs more often.

  4. Thanks all. Yes, I think I will have a go at more paper cutting (although it does give me RSI after a while...)

  5. I was going to write wow, but I see I would not be the first! This is amazing - you must be incredibly patient. I really love how you turned something you didn't like into something really love too.