Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 23 "Art Every Day Month" - One Liners

One-liners are a classic drawing exercise. The idea is to draw the whole image in one line, without lifting the pen from the paper until the drawing is done. It forces you to really think and see how all the elements of a particular form fit together in a two-dimensional space.  So I thought I would have a quick play with it this morning, using my poofy dress lady from yesterday as inspiration.

I drew her a number of times, each time starting at a different point in the image. Each one was completely different to the one before.

I probably could have gone on all day, but these were my favourite two.

You don't get a perfect picture, that's not the point, but I think it's pretty amazing the likeness you can get with one line.

Picasso was a master of the one-liners - here's a daschund one-liner by the man:

This is also a great one to try with kids.


  1. Your ones liners actually say quite a lot..just brilliant:)

  2. What a fun exercise. I love your one-liners!

  3. Such a wondrous idea!! I love them as well. MayBE I should try this given that I have perpetuated the notion that "I cannot draw." Starting and keeping the pen or pencil moving without lifting it, it sounds positively freeing!!

  4. beautiful versions of your lady and what a coooool idea! I'm really bad at "following the rules" but I should really give this a try and see what happens. thanks for sharing!

  5. i LOVE your one-liners!!! Love this exercise too... it's a great way to get a very expressive drawing. And don't you just love that Picasso dog drawing? Thanks for sharing... (found you via AEDM)

  6. I'm so impressed with how much you can show in a one-liner. Very nicely done!

  7. Amazing that your one-liners contain so much detail! Brilliant work!

  8. Lia - the one liners and the fashion sketches really caught my eye. I studied fashion illustration in college (long ago) and recently find myself returning to the sketchy one line style of drawing ladies in dresses.
    You have a real way with capturing the grace and delicacy of the figures - lovely

    I recently posted one on my Blog (see K is for Klee) - talking about my inspiration coming from teaching kids to use this technique.

  9. These are so fun and your woman turned out great! I am impressed that you did these with just one line - something I have never tried, but think I will!