Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 8 "Art Every Day Month" - Inspired by the floorboards (yes really!)

I'm a great believer that inspiration can be found wherever you are. I saw this small imperfection in my floorboards and thought "I wonder what that could be made into". So I sketched it out using charcoal pencil, then turned it around and I saw a little person taking a dip in a pond. 10 minutes later, there's two of them, having a moonlit dip in a lake!

1. Inspiration

2. Turn around - what do you see?

3. Complete the scene

You can do this with anything - holes in the pavement, cracks in the wall, peeling paint, ink blotches, paint blobs...


  1. Ooooh I like this idea! Very clever and a quick way to be creative. I saw a hedgehog sleeping on its back but I like yours better. :){Thanks also for stopping by my blog today. :)}

  2. ha ha, oh yes, now I see the hedgehog too!

  3. really cool idea! I saw a crab right side up, and now that someone mentioned the hedgehog, I can see that too. I wonder if I'd like my paintings better if I just turned them upside down!

  4. Amazing. I love how artistic minds work.

  5. I saw a crab, too! What a great idea--you're right...inspiration's everywhere, if we just really look :)

  6. Wow! I agree - inspiration can hit from anywhere and everywhere. Love it!

  7. beautiful drawings...wish I could draw like that.
    Gwen xx

  8. What a GREAT idea! I keep seeing things in our tiles (especially the bathroom! ;) -- but I've never thought of using them as inspiration for art!