Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7 "Art Every Day Month" - "Violoncello I" in colour

Don't ask me where Days 5 and 6 went. Anyway, for Day 7 here is one of my Picasso inspired charcoal sketches of my 'cello (see earlier post Day 2: Inspired by Picasso), now painted with gouache. I chose a warm palette of oranges, pinks and and reds, as this felt like a natural colour scheme for the subject matter. But I may try something a bit different for Violoncello II...


  1. The colour combination adds to the subject. Neat lines and composition.
    Thanks for stopping by today. Let´s play with colour! :)

  2. These Picasso-inspired pieces are so interesting--great color, too. Thanks for sharing, and hi from AEDM :)

  3. I love the warm palette! Wonderful!

  4. I can hear the music; a little bit of Bach, perhaps.
    Gwen xx

  5. It has a very Picasso feel to it. Love all those bold color choices.