Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 25 "Art Every Day Month" - Winter Sketching

Art Every Day Month has really inspired me to get drawing. I'm less scared of it now and happier to just get out my sketchbook and have a go.  Here's a couple of sketches I did today:

The first is me in my winter get-up. It is completely imaginary, not from any reference (other than an impression of how I probably look going around town). I like the idea of doing a series of these with this character, on my bike, at the market etc. etc.

The second is a sketch I did of some of the elements of the Christmas markets in the Marienplatz in the centre of Munich. The elements don't all fit together, not all the details are there and I had to work quickly as my hands were frozen stiff from the cold, but I think I'll try to do little sketches like this every day to provide me with references to work from for more "final" pieces.


  1. i love your second sketch... sometimes the quick ones are the best. i love how you left the background with little detail.
    Good for you for taking the time to sketch when your hands are frozen! :-)

  2. lovely sketches! I think you just have to go at it and have fun! Oooo Marienplatz... I have a faint memory of it... love Germany. I think people are so nice there :)

  3. I think your style is reminds me a bit of the Raymond Briggs books, 'The Snowman'. But I am not sure who does the illustrations for his books.

    You look very warm and comfy in your winter coat and hat:)

  4. your second sketch is great and sooo worth the frozen fingers... I would be home under the covers with a hot chocolate.... xx

  5. These are beautiful sketches...I really like the first one...

  6. Lovely sketches! I love the fact that you aren't just trying to reproduce the market scene...cameras work for are interpreting it in your own way!