Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pushing through a down day - "Singing in the rain"

I was having a bit of a down day today.  You know when you just lack the energy to do anything.  And the weather seemed to reflect my mood: overcast and drizzly.  So how do you push through when you feel like that?  Well, in the words of an anonymous 2 year-old “sometimes you just have to have a nap and get over it”.  Yeah, that’s not a bad idea actually.  But I also think if you can just find a way to do something, anything creative, then that helps avoid getting into a rut.  So as I was stepping off the tram into the puddles, I suddenly thought of “Singing in the rain” (Glee version, of course) and how colourful umbrellas always cheer up a rainy day. I went home and, for the first time in weeks, got my paints out. Here’s my “Singing in the Rain” illustration (or perhaps it should called be “Dancing in the Rain”) in pen and gouache paint.

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