Monday, September 12, 2011

From jam jar to make-up brush holder

I'm a firm believer that storage for ordinary things shouldn't have to look ordinary. It's nice to find something pretty in unexpected places. So in a “Blue Peter” moment this morning (maybe only those of you who grew up in the UK will get that reference), I rinsed out this jar and, with a bit of double-sided sticky tape and some wrapping paper I had in the draw, created this cute container for my make-up brushes.

I’m not a particularly “crafty” type, but this was dead easy.  I just measured the circumference and depth of the straight bit of the jar and cut a piece of the wrapping paper to size. Then I stuck small pieces of double-sided sticky tape along one edge of the right side of the wrapping paper and carefully placed it into the jar (sticky side at the top and towards the glass). Voila!

If you wanted to get really creative, you could make your design for the paper (or use your office doodles). You could also use to store pens & pencils or as a tea light holder, but with the paper on the outside (to avoid fire hazard) and some wire bent around the opening so you can hang it up.

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