Friday, March 23, 2012

"Pretty Ordinary" - A Series of Mixed Media work

These are the works I recently displayed at Provisorium in Munich. They also tie in with Creative Every Day's March theme of "Mixed Media".

I have called this series "Pretty Ordinary" and it is based around the idea I had of photographing ordinary things on the street - peeling paint, rust, cracks in the pavement, things that you wouldn't normally even notice -  seeing what the shapes and lines inspire in my imagination and then drawing and/or painting directly on the printed photographic images to bring those ideas to life. In other words, to make something pretty from something very ordinary.

It's a new way of working for me, quite experimental and fun. Sometimes an idea works well, other times less well (lots ended up in the bin!), but that's all part of the process.

What's interesting is how each of us might see something different in these patterns. What we see is shaped by our own experiences and interests. Anyone can try this technique. Just print your photo on matt photo paper, pull out any art materials you have to hand and let your imagination take over!

Here are the "before" and "after" images (sometimes an image is rotated before being illustrated on):

"Concrete Jungle" (Pencil, charcoal and paper blender on photographic image of rust drips on concrete wall)

"Home Sweet Home" (pen, watercolour pencil and gouache on photographic image of cracks in pavement) 

"Blown away at the Fair" (gouache on photographic image of rust on tip)

"Just Bee" (pen and gouache on photographic image of a shattered glass wall)

"Fish School" (pen on photographic image of a shattered glass wall)

"Bluebell Woods" (gouache on photographic image of moss on a concrete wall)


Each piece is a one-off original on photo rag archival paper, size 20x30cm. If you are interesting in purchasing one of the available works, just drop me a line at for more details.

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  1. These are beautiful... i love the "home sweet home"... what a fantastic idea (with cracks in the pavement). Gorgeous work. xoxo