Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Digital Illustration - Alliums with Blue Petal Sky

In my effort to start getting to grips with creating illustrations using Photoshop, I tasked myself today with getting to know the Photoshop brush tools. I just spent a couple of hours playing around with different brushes in different sizes, colours and strengths.

To start with, my marks resembled those of a 2 year old learning to hold a pencil. But slowly, I began to get an idea of the different textures Photoshop had to offer and felt more comfortable with the digital pen. I made some pretty background textures for use in future projects.  These were some of my favourite:

It's actually a good warm-up drawing exercise to draw very simple shapes and patterns, since the left side of your brain gets bored, leaving you open to the creativity that comes from activating the right brain (for more on this, see this post)

Point in case, before I knew it, I was drawing a circle pattern with one of the funky fluffy brushes and suddenly it transformed into this little illustration of Alliums with Blue Petal Sky.

It must be my subconscious looking forward to spring, amidst all the snow we have here at the moment!


  1. Your Photoshop flowers are GREAT! Even that brush tool "mosaic" is fun. Good for you for experimenting with new things. And i totally understand your subconscious looking forward to spring. We're in the same boat here. :-) xoxo