Friday, February 1, 2013

Sewing for Pea - Christmas Stocking

Before Christmas with the imminent arrival of our new family member (who was nicknamed "Pea" until she arrived), I decided it was time for some new Christmas stockings for all 3 of us. Unfortunately, I only managed to make one by the time our little daughter, Cari Marie, arrived on 8th November. But at least she had a stocking for her first Christmas even if mummy and daddy had to make do with their old ones.

I used some dark teal linen as the main fabric, soft brushed cotton for the inside and some festive patterned cotton for the top of the stocking.

I get very confused about the whole right sides together, wrong side to right side, upside down and turn it all around thing, so rather than attempt to explain how I went about making this, I'll instead refer you to this great tutorial which I followed:

There are lots of possibilities for getting creative with this - using different combinations of fabrics, stencilling your own fabrics for the top part, stencilling or appliquéing the name or initial of the owner-to-be of the stocking.  And then of course, what to put in the stocking ready for Christmas morning - oh wait, Santa does that, right?

Now I just have to make two more for next year!

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